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The east-end of London has been a melting pot of different immigrant groups for hundreds of years. This has resulted on one of the world most ethnically diverse communities.

The term cockney is synonymous with the working-class people of London’s east-end. Its identity is often seen through its unique rhyming linguistics but is also geographically based on your place of birth relative to St Mary Le-Bow church (“within ear shot of Bow bells”).

DJ Bevan is undertaking a portraiture based project that explores what being cockney in the early 21st century means? And where the cockney identity is going in the future.

David is looking to photograph individuals aged between 0-100 years old. He also aims to reflect the cultural diversity seen throughout the east-end communities.

*Are you born within earshot of Bow bell?

*Do you self-identify as a cockney?

*Or, do you have a friend or relative that would be willing to be involved in such a project?

If so, feel free to contact DJ Bevan to discuss how you can get involved.